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Latest News


usmc23 and the crowd at #sc2c StarCrack(R) bring you SC2Launcher rev25. This crack is unsupported and not too pretty to look at right now. Consider it a beta for the beta. However, we felt it necessary to share it now because it properly allows you to choose RACE, COLOR, and NUMBER of ai players. This development renders the ai hacked maps completely moot! Read more and download at Loaders, Launchers, and Cracks.

Old News

Check out SC II Development Forum for discussion.

General Information

Loaders, Launchers, and Cracks :For getting in game and having fun

Fixes and Work-a-rounds :Various modification information

Tutorials :How To's

Tools :For debugging and modification purposes

Downloads :Files for modifications

FAQ :Problems other's have encountered

Technical Information

AI Coding

Battle.net.dll Info Somewhat outdated, basics on battle.net.dll

**Protection info** New, detailed information on battle.net.dll, sc2.exe and their inner workings

UI & Features A quick rundown of the beta's multiplayer feature screens

Asset/Data Files (MPQ)/map files/file extensions

Known Error Codes

Hidden Controls

Single Player UI Hacking

Code scraps and notes (Pastebin)

How to help?

THIS IRC CHANNEL - RECRUITING CHANNEL - If you want to help this is the recruitment channel, this is the channel to join. (FANS seem to have taken up shop, so we created several other specific development rooms geared toward several topics regarding SC2. Those who show promise may be invited into other sub development rooms.

Join us on IRC if you plan on contributing to the cracking process

  • irc.rizon.net
    • #sc2c Only for potential devs to come and make intelligent comments.
    • #sc2devwatch For watching what the devs are talking about.
    • #sc2 Everything else. Offtopic.

Live Chat Stream - Available for those of you non-programmers who just wish to monitor our progress. http://00.dy.fi/sc2c.php - Live Channel Stream


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