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WC3 crashes after SC2 beta installation.

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Hello, I am having a problem with WC3. When I join a bnet game(WC3) after having played sc2 beta, I often crash to desktop within the first 5 seconds. It is an intermittent problem and I can't remember what error I get. Resetting the registry entries for WC3 fixes it, but it's a royal pita to do that every time. Is anyone else having this issue? Is it an issue with Lazy Launch? Thanx

It crashes after you launch it or after you enter a Bnet game?


--- Quote from: Skygrinder on March 09, 2010, 06:23:44 AM ---It crashes after you launch it or after you enter a Bnet game?

--- End quote ---
Everything works great up until I actually begin the bnet game. I send my workers to gold and before I can build an altar - *poof, crash to desktop.

Here's the error:
This application has encountered a critcal error:


Program: c:\program files (x86)\warcraft iii\war3.exe
Exception:             0xC0000005 (ACCESS_VIOLATION) at

The instruction at '0x6F0EE4E1' referenced memory at
The memory could not be 'read'.

Press OK to terminate the application.

There is a thread on the Blizz tech forum about this. Lots of people saying it's a drop hack. Nothing concrete and no solution.

From what i gather it actually is a drop hack, i got that error before i installed sc2 on my pc if i remember correctly.

Also i stopped playing Bnet ladder after this hack came out and played some iCCup games that played out ok without any errors or whatsoever.

Try running Sc2 via LazyLauncher or whatever you're using, then quit out of it, restart your computer, and immediately try WarCraft III.


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