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Battle.net 2.0 Emulation Coming Soon to a Computer Near You!

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--- Quote ---[12:52PM] <@usmc23> good moring
[12:52PM] * usmc23 is now known as usmc23-awake
[12:53PM] <Heth> morning usmc
[12:55PM] <~r9k> moring
[12:57PM] <pixartist> usmc23 did you work on the galaxy editor in the last days ?`
[12:57PM] <@usmc23-awake> off and on
[12:58PM] <@usmc23-awake> were working on the launcher at the moment sense the next revision will work alot better with the emu
[12:58PM] <Heth> emu?
[12:59PM] <@usmc23-awake> ive taked to sagu a bit our next version will work alot better with there emu when its released
[01:00PM] <Heth> what's the status of the emu mow
[01:00PM] <Heth> -now
[01:00PM] <@usmc23-awake> sagu says one thing there site says another tbh idk
[01:00PM] <venci> and he says?
[01:00PM] <TheSaw> what's their site? is it public?
[01:00PM] <@usmc23-awake> but pretty much our next build will make all the other launchers obsolete
[01:01PM] <@usmc23-awake> there forums are so idk but i know there are 3 different emu teams, one i know fer sure has gotten pased the login screen
--- End quote ---

Can't wait, keep up the good work whoever is working on the Bnet 2.0 emulation.

March 13 in #sc2c

--- Quote ---[04:13PM] <pixartist> Sagu, is there anyone ACTUALLY working on an emulator anyway ?
[04:13PM] <@Sagu> pixartist: Yes, we are.
[04:13PM] <pixartist> neato
[04:13PM] <pixartist> and how far are you ?
[04:14PM] <pixartist> sagu, did you guys decrypt/understand the login yet ?
[04:14PM] <@Sagu> pixartist: Yep
[04:14PM] <pixartist> and does the emu work so far ?
[04:15PM] <pixartist> sagu, did you crack the dll to disable/skip parts of the login process or did you actually decrypt it in it's entirety ? and also, is the login the hardest part of creating an actual emulator ?
[04:16PM] <@Sagu> pixartist: Hardest part is cleaning up bnet.dll, rest is pretty easy.
[04:16PM] <@Sagu> pixartist: And yes, we're working on a full implementation.  No patches
[04:16PM] <pixartist> sweet :D
[04:17PM] <@Sagu> Means all you'll have to do is point sc2 at your server and login.

--- End quote ---

Maybe whoever got past authentication can share something? We are supposed to be cooperating for the greater (gamer) good right? :)

Now this is what im talking about!!!  keep it up guys    im gona w8 for this one GG no RE

Does anyone know one of the emu teams sites?

Pardon my skeptism, but usmc didn't really say a whole lot. No generic ETA, no status report, a random claim that some team possibly made it past the login screen... Nothing concrete. If emu is close, I'll be ecstatic, but what usmc said there I'm still not holding my breath.


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