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Moved/Added few things around forums


Merged the SC2 LAN category into the SC2 Gaming Category.  Then Merged the SC2 Gaming Category into the Game On Category, rather than it being all by itself. 
Created the D3Sharp section, under Diablo3 Gaming.

This should now feel more organized and less of a scroll on http://darkblizz.org/Forum2/forum/

Updated SMF to latest version. Reinstalled all the modifications and fixed a few buggies.  Added a thank you mod.
I;ll try to find a good translate mod for you non-english speakers.

I would thank you, but I see no means of doing so.


--- Quote from: Alendar on September 30, 2011, 07:24:05 PM ---I would thank you, but I see no means of doing so.

--- End quote ---

fixed thanks.


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