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Need Some Help


I need some help opening a clan channel beacuse i can only run 4 bots at a time or ill drop :P so if ur willing to help thx :)

if you mean making a clan channel....  remember you're only allowed 8 connections per IP to a given server (i.e useast, asia, uswest, etc), any amount of connections exceeding 8 (unless you're previosly restricted to a lower amount due to a number of reasons) will result in you disconnecting from

Be more clear of your intent; are you wanting to create a clan channel for your clan?

nvm thx tho i got in contach with a old friend last night

Yes on bnet, it's like 7 or 8 per IP.
Use some proxies to load more than that, Some good bots out there still are capable of doing just that.


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