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FAQ: How to dump packets

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--- Quote from: MADCATX on February 25, 2010, 03:30:38 AM ---I tried asking devs if I can help, they said that they don't need more people helping them. And they won't give any dumps.

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lol thats really weird i wonder if the "devs" are real and not some agents from blizzard just pretending to work in order to delay it as much as possible :) if u would have the dumps, probably the basic AI playable emulated server would already be here at least. but i still think dumps dont have to be enough, because there might be some session dependant data what is hard to analyze with just 1 dump... key would be much better :) the only problem is once somebody got it, there is no motivation for the person to make emulated server anymore :)


--- Quote from: 2g4u on February 24, 2010, 06:10:00 PM ---I can provide you with a useful dump(the whole Auth process, Profile edit, Searching for players process, game in progress, scoreboard after the game end... whatever you need from the live beta functions just post in this topic), but if you can tell me which is the "password recognition" part of a dump? I need to remove it cause the acc that I use to play is not mine(so I can't change the pass) and there is a WoW acc attached to it, which costs more then 500$. And if I got my friend's acc hacked he will be mad.


I think that the Devs got some kind of SC2Beta enabled acc for testing purposes, have you tried asking in the dev channel for such dump(s) ?

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If you have your friends account passord, surely you can change the password then just call him and agree upon another password to use? Or does he not know you are using his account? ;)


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