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The GUI uses Scaleform GFX. It's essentially Flash with the 3-byte header signature changed. The .gfx files are .swf and .cwf files. To open a .gfx file in a Flash editor you may have to change the filename to .sqf and the first characters in the file from CFX to CWS. The header signature equivalents between Flash and GFx are FWS = GFX (decompressed) and CWS = CFX (compressed).
How to edit the menu
Use this code to organize the .as extracted from the Sothink SWF Decompiler. To search inside the .as files add this to the registry '[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.as\PersistentHandler];@=”{5e941d80-bf96-11cd-b579-08002b30bfeb}”'. Find the code to hack, for example “this.m_playOfflineButton._alpha = 0”. Unfortunately changes to this code can not be assembled to a swf. Neither can the exported .fla be assembled to a .swf because Sothink ignores all Actions except 'Frame' when making the fla. Make the changes with Flasm (the patched version that ignores the CFX header, GFXASM tool) as assumed with this example:
* flasmgfx -d >
* Edit the bytecode
* flasmgfx -a > fro wiki.
I think that the mistake  ;D  was that you were suppose to convert it to .sqf NOT .swf  ;)

great ;)

Aw man..still no luck...Does someone know where we can get a free copy of Scaleform GFX! Come on! Someone must have it...Atleast the trial.......

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