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Analysis Of The New Code-Gen Video

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Well it could be real it could be fake,
playing a real game online on Bnet and preparing a good looking interface with a nice video application to combine all together makes a good vid.
I could make the same if i had a key and use a little of video editing to melt my game into a nice application i just made using visual studio or anything.
But the game is defenetly played online , we can see the lag suspension screen during the game.
So real or fake? well.. why no vid for the client side? why no chat? why the server looks a bit dull when it starts runing?!
a nice vid showing some simple description of the server/client and how things will work would have proved lot better.
PS. their ex forum admin "GamewizResurrected" just sent me a private msg just after the vid was released saying "S*ck it you f**king loser" , It kinda tells you the mentality of the guy , chees
bottom line , does not prove authentic vid , interesting and might be true but that is a low expectation , if code-gen want to release a proof vid, make it more explaintory , show us the client /server , start from the begining .
Hope we all play Starcraft 2 in LAN mode soon :)

Yeah that basically Sums it up :) but, i really wanna play on this, looks like fun :)
but is it 4 online? cause i dont seem to understand how it works!

Another thing...Why didn't they quit out of the game at the looks like they purposely just ended the video at the end. If they had quit it would have shown if they weren't just running a 1v1 over

It is fake for sure, now it is very clear from several things in the vid.
- Advanced options in launcher are a joke.
- "Data sent" is a joke too, appears instantly and it doesn't matter it's on LAN.
- Start server loading is a joke too.
- After pressing Launch SC2 nothing happens and you can see how he goes to the left upper corner with his mouse to launch normal SC2 beta and play vs the easiest AI.
- When clicking Launch SC2 button you can see he actually did not press it, because he was moving the mouse while releasing the button, so it could not be pushed.

Such launcher interface can be coded in 1 hour.

On the other hand, question is why would they continue doing on this since they already have the keys and don't want any others.

if they weren't hiding anything why wouldn't they release the FPVOD of both players, oh wait because it was vs AI!  :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


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