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Author Topic: Possible to verify BNet ID?  (Read 1681 times)


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Possible to verify BNet ID?
« on: May 04, 2011, 05:12:50 PM »
I want to create a service that would allow you to verify your bnet id with another site like a forum. One idea I had was to send a user to a channel where he would past a code given to by the site that wants to verify the id. In that channel there would be a bot that could read the code and report back to the site... but that would require reverse engineering the bnet 2.0 chat protocol which I don't want to do... Another idea I had was to create a custom map that could pretty much do the same thing, but from what I've heard you can't make a map that can send requests to outside servers.

Is this possible to achieve in a way that would be "OK" with blizzard and without requiring users to install anything on their computers?


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Re: Possible to verify BNet ID?
« Reply #1 on: May 04, 2011, 10:02:29 PM »
Any third-party software is never okay with Blizzard.   It is possible to achieve, there would just pretty much have to be one host of that bot in the channel linked to w/e site.  Users entering in a "code" into the channel have no reason to have the bot themselves, thus wouldn't need to install anything on their own computer.
This would require reversal of bnet 2.0 protocol though. 
Another way to do what you want is to do what battle.net does themselves with their own website/forums, and have people sign-in through their actual battle.net account, thus verifying they are who they are.
But once again this requires bnet 2.0 reversal.



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