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Vernam7 cracking the SC2 retail installer diss

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First some ground rules:

1. No flaming! No fool language, curses, swears at any of the members of DarkBlizz posting, no matter how much you disagree with them or how mad are you!

2. No SPAM! Posts like: "I agree", "You are right", etc. are not constructive.

So here are my 50 cents:

I don't believe Vernam7 claims that he cracked the installer and that he is the first person outside Blizzard's employers to be playing the SC2 campaign.


First - he would have made some screenshots of the retail game interface, campaign missions interface, etc. Or a 2 mins video of playing(Sry, but I don't bite the whole "I DON'T WANNA SPOIL YOUR FUN GUYS" thing, few screens or a short video won't spoil the experience for anyone). It will turn all the "skeptics" into fanboys and he won't have to explain himself in "two screens long" posts here at DarkBlizz or at nibbits forums.
Anyway the inability to do so is my 100% proof that all that he is doing is TROLLING...

Second - I don't deny that Vernam7 is actually a skilled VB(.net) coder and I guess a nice guy, who made a FREE LAUNCHER for all the unlucky guys that didn't get a key. But I don't bite that he was able to crack the installer before any of the members of SKIDROW, RELOADED, ViTALiTY, Razor1911. For all that haven't heard those names - those are scene groups with YEARS of experience in reverse engineering.
No offense but comparing Vernam7 to those guys is like comparing me(I am an Informix-4GL programmer) to Vernam7 :) . The simple truth - VB(.net) Coding skills of V7 >>> mine, as SKIDROW, RELOADED, ViTALiTY, Razor1911's reverse engineering skills >>> V7's.

Third - Making a different account just to defend himself - that is not cool man! There is no doubt that the second account English is "as good as" the V7's(I am not making fun of his skills in English, not everyone here is native English speaker including me and I know that my English sux too). Also the grammar and semantics mistakes of both users are the same, which makes me really suspicious that they are actually the same guy :) . And that is one more reason that I don't believe him - just release some screens or short video to defend yourself, instead of doing this girl's thing...

At some point he said:

i never said i found the perfect solution, i manually did that for my   self.
other groups later may have better crack methods no dought.   Everything that locks also unlocks!
one more tip, did you ever "worked" with the sc1 installer? do you   remember the cd-keys 1212-1212-121- (dont recall the exact digits now)   but was only 12 that was a universal decoder?.

WOW How mature is it to make a thread like this ::)

The idea of this topic is to keep the V7's crack discussion here, not in the Starcraft II Crack topic... as you said:

--- Quote from: steve30x link=topic=2034.msg19239#msg19239   date=1279614861 ---...
I wa'nt attacking anybody that   posted on this thread before me. I was just stating a fact. I'm hoping   the rude non respectful people start on here also.

--- End quote ---

I hope that the rude non respectful ppl spam here not in the crack topic :)


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