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General Discussion / MAP Requests (preset 1v1 matchup settings)
« on: March 05, 2010, 04:10:51 PM »
Could someone make these? If not, can someone point me to where I can learn to hack maps and set the following:

observer maps for: (1v1)
ZvZ all comps
ZvP all comps
ZvT all comps
TvP all comps
TvT all comps
PvP all comps

1v1 Player vs AI:

ZvZ Player vs. comp
ZvP Player vs. comp
ZvT Player vs. comp
TvP Player vs. comp
TvT Player vs. comp
PvP Player vs. comp

Onemap, like Lost Temple with all the above items preset would be alright.Would make testing build orders for AI development lot smoother.

Is this even possible?

AI Development / Where to Find AI Queen Management
« on: March 04, 2010, 07:58:19 AM »
I'd like to see the codes related to the AI's control of the queen. It seems that the AI cannot handle two queens and use them on two different towns each.

Does anyone know where to find these or how to override them? Like, manually ordering a queen to cast an ability at a certain point, for example.

AI Development / AI Editing and Information
« on: March 02, 2010, 11:58:43 AM »
So far, I've come across a few tidbits that could help in developing the AI scripts.

1. The Phase/State the AI is in is time controlled. Can be edited at NotHard file. Not sure if two states can run side by side. For example, Open and MidGndA.

2. AIClearStock() resets the AI in some way.

3. defaultExpansion function can be controlled by modifying the gas and mineral entries. As it counts every mineral and gas close to a TH, you can set the mineral and gas entries to trigger the AI to expand.

4. There are three modes of expansion: default, VitalHard, and Normal
     a. vital hard seems to include gas structures automatically

5. You can add if and while within the [race]0 files.

6. You can define functions there and call them in a "goto" sort of way. So you can actually make a loop between two functions.

7. The AI will rebuild stocked units through AIstock unless the AIClearStock is called.

8. AIStockandWait can be used in an if(!). This function automatically stocks in a unit or structure if the AI doesn't have it. Other actions following will wait for this to be true before being run.

9. TechCount using ordercompleteonly can also be used to make if statements. Works like AIstockandWait.

10. AIstock function does not run one after the other. The AI engine may decide to build/train the next cheapest item.

Things in mind/to test:

1. Is it possible to edit the retreat and attack items in order to make the AI not dance? Say increase the time before attacking in the section where the AI is not in combat but is not too weak? Can the difficulty be 2000 and set the ai's APM to 75 and not bog it down to achieve this result instead?

2. Is it possible to add randomization and enter build orders within each of the multiple openings and following MID and Lates through if statements?

3. Is it possible to use Counterunit and allow the AI to decide what unit to train while utilizing AIClearStock() to completely change the AI's unit composition and Base composition? Or is it better to use if's and randomization instead? Can we make the AI take information and as such use that information to call specific custom functions suitable to handle these information?

That's it for now. I'll update whenever I find more or make progress. Note that the exact terms are not there. I can't remember them all at this time, but will update them for those who are not familiar with the code.

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