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The "Give me a big burning applepie" game

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This is a very fun game, that apparently has not been started on these forums jet.

The gamerules are simple:

Post a picture or a movie of the thing the last poster asked for and under the you put "give me a ......."(can be everyting like a burning police car, or a monkey, so be creative)

Keep it fun guys... no Porn e.t.c and don't make it to hard... ppl should be able to find something on the net

Ill start with a random fun pic:

Lets start:

Give me a picture of a bad idea.


Give me a picture of the oddest couple.


^Japanese guy who married his anime pillow

Give me a picture of an old guy with a creepy looking facial expression

My dad i guess ???

Give me a starcraft 2 beta key  :D (The jokes)

( Now i am sad cause i want one  :'( )

This time for real

Give me a picture of a Really angry gamer that is a girl

P.S I dont know how to add a image in the post sorry guys and girls


  The second one is more correct, but I prefer the first one. :)
  Give me a picture of hope.
P.S.: Concerning the odd couple pic: Korean Otaku Marries Anime Body Pillow
I wanted to know what his "wife" looks like. ^^
Maybe someday, some Korean will marry the sexy Kerrigan statue (or medic, dropship captain, female ghost).



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