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Here are some of the Microman's fact I've seen @mirc tonight.
"microman just gives a mean look in the direction of blizzard HQ and a blizzard employee dies"
" if you log in as Microman@microman.com with the password Microman, The world will end."
"ou do know that microman stated (on tpb) that he wouldnt release the crack when his team made it... so for all we know he's playing right now...:D nooooooot!:P"
"microman has no use for a beta key. he has the keygen for them."
"microman doesn't even need a keygen, everything he types in is accepted"
"if i get a second key, its going straight in micromans pocket, i owe him that much for you know, the universe and all"
"microman also takes offense to the phrase "putting a gun to god's head""
"you guys know if you type out microman in binary, it works as an sc2 key"
"microman got sc2 beta without a key or an invite from blizzard"
Feel" free to add others...  ::)

This is literally the least funny thing I've read on the internet.

"If you have a penny and if microman also has a penny he still got more money than you"

The black man is afraid of Microman
Send an email to blizzard with the words in question "Microman's, immediately receive the download link to download the final version of SC2

Chuck Norris will punch him with the fist that comes out of his beard. Microman will press space bar and dodge it and mid air crack chuckN.dll and Chuck Norris will be defeated.

I started typing out "Microman, I need a key" and the text was replaced with a key, along with "You're welcome!"

Microman already cracked Diablo 3... Two years ago!

See what happened? I told you, the Bible of MiCrOmAn1 will be made today, I made the cover, and you are all filling these pages.

MiCrOmAn1 found that SC2 was too easy to crack, so he is cracking SC3 right now.


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