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Starcraft 2 TW Patch 1.3.2 FAILD


Dear SC2LAN Providers...

I recently used the Language Converter to make my game From EN to TW.. and to install STARFRIEND 0.44

I downloaded the zhTW 1.3.2 Patch and it runs good but when it gets to 98% ... it says this error... :

--- Code: --- 更新檔"Bnet.base.5760\bnet\\i18n\zhTW\String\CLIENT_ACHIEVEMENTS.xml"無法安裝。 (MD5 mismatch: expected 0x32E59BAB1A69E1AD80BE1AAB59650E00, actual 0x69C9D99145C484A0845F058D89BB487A.)(PTCApply_BSDiff failed.) 如果這個問題持續出現,請試著執行修復工具解決問題,或是反安裝程式再重新安裝遊戲程式。如果您無法修復此問題,請聯絡Blizzard技術支援部門。 (BNUpdate::PTCApply)
--- End code ---

Can u help me plz! i want to play this game on LAN.

try having a fresh install, or keep patching.  if it doesn't work patch your EN to 1.3.2 before converting into TW


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