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I just downloaded this bot today and it works fine and everything, except I need to know how to create a command that lists members online in my clan.


cmd would be: .onlinemembers
result would be: (whoever is online that's in the clan)

Online WwW Members: KroniK[WwW], Rooster[WwW], Jen[WwW], Mons3r[WwW]

something like that

I also need help with the ranking system. I deleted all the ranks, including the god one although for some reason I still have access to the bot.

I want to have only two ranks

(banned also of course/shit list)


Online Members would need to be written as a script.

When you delete all of the ranks, it deletes the associations with commands and since each command requires NO ACCESS unless it is added to a rank it means that all of your commands are accessible by anyone.


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