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Hey guys, new to the site just for some help. I downloaded the EZCC bot, but am having troubles getting it to work. I'm a super noob when it comes to making this thing work, so any help would be great.
The "farthest" I've ever gotten to making it work is this. I'm not sure what it means why CheckRevision failed, or the other failure. Any help???   
Clan Chief = u]P[
Server =

The Chief is not connected.
Make sure you are fully connected before attempting to create your channel.
[Bot 1] Connecting...
[Bot 1] Connected
CheckRevision FAILED
[Bot 1] Disconnected
[Bot 1] Connecting...
[Bot 1] Connected
Error: Connection is aborted due to timeout or other failure. Source = C:\WINDOWS\system32\MSWINSCK.OCX

Download the War3 Hashes:
Place them in the War3 folder located in the directory of the bot.
Current Verbyte=18

To load all 10 bots, you would need a proxy. Because your IP is limited to only 8 Connections, so remember that.

If you need more help, check out the programs section for answers to similar questions.  Also check out the ReadMe.

Hey thank you so much Myst.
I figured out the proxy part of the while I was bumming around trying to get it to work yesterday so that part is good. I downloaded those hashes and it's working great now. I just need to finalize a few more cd-keys and I think I will be good! I'll post again if I run into another error that I can't figure out. Thank you.

Hey, so I ran into another problem.
I assume this can be fixed pretty easy, and I probably ran into because I'm new to using proxies. Here's the error I get, it's on bot 3 just to speed up the process of getting to the error. Any help?  [Bot 3] Initial Proxy Connection Established
[Bot 3] Proxy/Bnet Handshake Good
[Bot 3] Disconnected

you just need better proxies for  Alot of the proxies used on are used for mass loading/flooding so  a lot of them get banned, i.e not being able to use them.     

I suggest trying Tor.  and use that as the proxy.


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