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Diablo 2 Bot PK D2NT for 1.13D
« on: February 11, 2012, 11:50:22 PM »
As you can see below, there are many script adds and changes. This bot is improved to the brim and we update it as much as possible, but we are busy people! A github or something of the sort will be coming soon.

This is a list of all scripts we added and who to thank for them!
All scripts used with permission of owner.
*=not added yet, will add once finished
1) Boss files Added
   1a) Improved Chaos Script! Has many new options and is much safer for leechers. Also has fast mode/etc (cooptheking)
   1b) Nilk Script - Improved. Has settings to skip if vipers are found(cooptheking)
   1c) Stormtree - Act3 Super Unique (cooptheking)
   1d)   Flayer Dungeon - Act3 - Has settings to customize it (cooptheking)
   1e)   Bettleburst - Act2 Super Unique (cooptheking)
   1f)   Darkelder - Act2 Super Unique (cooptheking)
   1g)   Fangskin - Act2 Super Unique (cooptheking)
   1h)   StonyTomb - Act2 Area - Has settings to customize it (cooptheking)
   1i) Halls Of Dead level 2/3 - Act2 Area - Has settings to customize it (cooptheking)
   1j) Bishop - Act1 Super Unique(cooptheking)
   1k) Boneash - Act1 Super Unique - Has settings to customize it (cooptheking)
   1l) Corpsefire - Act1 Super Unique - Has settings to customize it (cooptheking)
   1m) SszarkTheBurning - Act1 Super Unique - Has settings to customize it (cooptheking)
   1n) PitSpawnFoulDog - Act1 Super Unique(cooptheking)
   1o) Coldcrow - Act1 Super Unique - Has settings to customize it (cooptheking)
   1p) Thesmith - Act1 Super Unique(cooptheking)
2) Other Scripts Added/Edited
   2a) Leave When Hostiled - EONW User (unknown)
   2b) Leech Script - Beo990
   2c) Baal Leech+LeechFight Script - Beo990
   2d) Diablo Leech Fight Script - cooptheking
   2e) Amazon Script ** ONLY FOR JAVAZONS....BOWAZON IS NOT SUPPORTED YET** (char) - Bigapple90
   2f) Pickit file (custom pickit) - cooptheking
   2g) Leave If No Password(if game is suppose to have one) - Main Coding(DigiGuy) - Edited by(cooptheking)
   2h) Chanter script - Main Coding(cooptheking) - Editing/Help(TheFreak/Justin/Mythosis)
   2i) Leave When Leader Leaves Game - D2oD
   2j) Redid Barb Bo Script to switch weapons for bo - cooptheking
   2k) Holy Bolt On Magic Immunes
   2l) Updated NTAttack.ntl for chaos issues.
   2m) Automule Version 1.0 - Main coding(Medix) - Editing by(cooptheking)
   2n) Updated the "craft section of pickit"(cooptheking)
   2o) Updated Attack Config for Sin (unknown)
   2p) Updated Attack Config for Druid (unknown)
   2q) **Automule Version 1.0 For Leech Scrit - Main Coding(Medix) - Editing by (cooptheking)
   2r) Druid Script - BigApple (should work for all)
   2s) Assassin Script - Unknown (should work for all)
   2t) Updated Tristam Script (uses coords instead of "clear lvl" cmd)
   2u) "Follow/AutoAttack Script Built in"
   2v) Reconfigured NTAttack.ntl (THIS FOLDER WILL NOT WORK LIKE NORMAL)
   2w) Skip Scripts (up and down) - Forgot who wrote this
   2x) XML Logging- (thanks to several people listed at the bottom)

Big thank you(s) to these wonderful people that helped me along my ways!!!
If i forget anyone just pm me and you will be put on the list
Donors to the site!
Credits to bigapple90, Jinnay, doomknight, bajazzle, and agor for the XML logging
thanks to Etal for lots of scripts within the folder.
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