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Possible Taiwanese Bnet EMU?

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It's always good to hear "new" news ;)

that's works but it's complicated .... !!! ( not tested yet )

you MUST have the Taiwan client.
you MUST have windows xp
theres something specific about your network configuration
you can only use the father and mother accounts. theres no registration or setup at all for more accounts
father must be logged in first before mother
you can only play on 3 maps

Is there a tutorial of some kind?


--- Quote ---I found news !
you must have the english client. ( patch 1.3.0 )
you can only play on 11 differents maps
you can 2v2
Works on 7 / Vista / XP 32 bits, not 64 bits ( driver not portated yet )

Found there ( and link for download ) :
tested of course !
Not for Mac of course  :D
--- End quote ---
That was a fake of course !

Not fake gays, Its really really really working for me and my friends, not lan just bnet emulator, of cos also can be used for lan


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