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thief's revelation bot has inspired me to develop a chat bot that will triumph over all.. here's my idea:
•MDI document interface, with tabs. Kind of like IDA :)
•Tabbed bot config (because my current method of making all the controls and frame x not visible and then having another one appear is shit.. not really, just so much work and messy)
•Custom anti-flood algorithm (compile it on your own into raw executable code, will include a default module)
•Will have an option to use bncsutil for hashing, cdkey decoding, srp, etc
•BNLS support for checkrevision (all three, 0x09, 0x18 and 0x1a, you can choose)
•Advanced flood filtering options
•Mutli profile (duh) with option of asynchronous or synchronous sockets
•SC game support (not full, will exit when game starts), hosting and joining
•Winamp support
•Downloads checkrevision modules
•Automatic hash file updates from patch

pretty much like brewbot except mutliprofile and a few other things removed.
if all goes well i'll then clean it up and release it as my first public bot.

sounds good, hope to see some ss's of it soon.

alpha 0.8 horizon is nearing completion
here are some screenshots, the main gui is just about done

I Luv Bnet:
Is BreW some kind of elite hacker? When does this bot become public?


--- Quote from: I Luv Bnet on May 26, 2008, 08:17:57 PM ---When does this bot become public?

--- End quote ---

So i noticed that blend between the listview and the channel label, and i liked it. made the gui look so streamlined... so i got rid of the richedit's borders too. it's starting to look like an mdi version of warrior's piece of glass :-/...


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