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Hi all!
I am a programmer and i am trying to make a 2.0 emulator.
I  found so much informations from v2 protocol and i written an emulator.
But when i try to connect i get invalid server error. I don't know how, but the client is knowing is it a real server or not.
I think the i have to inject some hack into client to kill the process that gets the real address.
Thus my question is next:
Is it possible project to make an emulator for sc2 or not?

Sry my bad english.
If you are interested in this project please pm me! I want to join a project or make a new one because i see the emulation was dead about 1-2 years ago.

your best bets;

Of course its possible to emulate SC2. 
You should also check out  although outdated, it would atleast give you an idea of what's going on.

I receive  packet from sc2 and i think i do a working query to send back but i have no idea for this problem :s
c->s cauthinfo
s->c sproofrequest from starcrack sourcecode (i think thats query is old)

And i checked mooege source code but that is using a bnet library that i don't know.

I repaired last error but after this i get an unknown error.
Somebody know this?
This error is occurs after these:
C->S CAUTHINFO (client sendig informations)
S->C SPROOFREQUEST (server making auth modules and http responde and send it)
C->S CPROOFRESPONSE (i can't parse this information yet but in this request is password and etc..)
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