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MirageBot 9.9



Build 2009


--- Code: ---- Added 'Discover Channels' to 'Channel' menu (Combination of history and
  spoken channels)
- Added basic Moderation options to Configuration form
- Added XDC.GetFriend to return a friend object
- Added XDC.IsFriend to return whether a user is a friend
- Decreased minimum height restraint
- Fixed Auto-Rank 'Unclanned'
- Fixed Database Problem which occurred when adding users who matched a wildcard
- Fixed External 'Multi-Triggers'
- Fixed Flood Filtering
- Rearranged Help menu elements
- Reimplemented Whisper Window (Ctrl+W toggle)
  - Also includes logging of both HTML and Plain Text, files are saved as
    [date]_Whispers[.ext] in the logging folder for that profile.
  - Toggling Whisper Windows will also modify these menu items:
    - Profile -> Logging -> Open Current Log will become Open Current Whisper Log
    - Window -> Clear Window will become Clear Whisper Window
    - Window -> Clear Windows will become Clear Whisper Windows
- Tweaked floodbot detection to be more sensitive
- When plugins and scripts are loaded from the menu's a brief description is
  shown to help users.

--- End code ---



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