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Title: MirageBot 9.5
Post by: Chriso on March 01, 2010, 08:18:23 PM
Thought I'd advertise MirageBot 9.5, since BnetDev is still down...



Code: [Select]
- There are now 3 modes of encryption see Customize -> Change Encryption
- Added '$extra' variable to styles to parse extra information
- Added Base-64 Encryption/Decryption
- Fixed Console Multi-Triggers
- Fixed Decrypt Command to reflect changes made to Encryption/Decryption
- Fixed Encrypt Command - Split message for proper parsing
- Fixed Event Parsing for Username (realm should now be shown properly)
- Added Hex Encryption/Decryption
- Improved various code chunks to be more efficient
- Increased Flood Filtering 'Cooldown Period'
- Updated MirageBot Style to show encryption method

You can download the new version from:
http://bnet.cc (http://bnet.cc)