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Author Topic: Green Tea Zero 0.1 (Noncheating, resource handling rarely above 500, mass army).  (Read 1820 times)


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Here is the non-cheating version of Green Tea.
 _ It not so hard like the other version, so better used for practicing.
 _ The only things it cheating is Vision :P
 _ Each race has 3 different attack style :
   + Protoss using power with strong force.
   + Terran using harassing style.
   + Zerg using large quantity and massive army.

_ Credit for Dark Zero. Most of my code based on his IAI ( I don't like the AISetstock function as well XD, the AIBuild function is more effective ).
_ Also credits for Starcrack team, ofcourse for their original work.
_ Some of code I learn from the website, and credit to people who works on it.

Try it out, and feed back for me, thanks. :X

Below I included 2 file ( using it depend on your launcher )
GreenTeaZero TriggerLibs
and Base.SC2Data
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Can some1 give any feedback :?
 :thumbsup:  for the effort :)


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well only played one game now which i lost against zerg :)

not bad but i like the 0.3 version more which is total ownage :S


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This is cool. All it needs is more variations.

If I may suggest, the protoss seemed to stick with zeals and immortals, with a few phoenixes, which gets owned by mutalisks. Having it respond more heavily with the proper unit counters would be nice.



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Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I beat this AI incredibly easily. Zealot rush against Terran AI -- not even a fast zealot rush (I was teching) and the AI had not even built any marines yet. Replay attached.


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