Automated Replay and Menu Installation

  • Temporarily removed due to incompatibilities with the current patch.

How to Access the Full Game Menu

  1. Browse to the directory “C:\Program Files (x86)\StarCraft II Beta\”
  2. Place the that you extracted in this directory.
  3. Don't forget to revert the old hack if you have it.
  1. Another version of the file is by elisherer jumps right to the Welcome menu.

Where to put replay files

Download replay files:

You can put your *.SC2Replay files in one or all of the following folders:

  • “Documents\StarCraft II Beta\Replays\Campaign”
  • “Documents\StarCraft II Beta\Replays\Challenge”
  • “Documents\StarCraft II Beta\Replays\Multiplayer”
  • “Documents\StarCraft II Beta\Replays\Recent”
  • “Documents\StarCraft II Beta\Replays\Skirmish”

Importing SC2 Cache Files

Download files here > < Updated Cache file with Desert Oasis and Twilight Fortress.

On Windows 7/Vista place them into the directory:

C:\Users\Your_Username\AppData\Local\Blizzard Entertainment\\Cache

On Windows XP place them into:

C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Blizzard Entertainment\\Cache

You can now play the replay files from the main menu (Not all, there is some cache file missing).

Missing Maps from Cache

If your getting the error: “*TEMP* one or more files which are needed to play this game are not available locally. They must be downloaded first!” you are missing the maps from your cache.

To update your cache you can download the missing maps from

Once you have the maps you need to place them in the correct Cache directory.

The directory structure for the cache is: 1st_&_2nd_characters_of_filename\3rd_&_4nd_characters_of_filename\filename.s2ma

Example for the map Desert Oasis:

File name: 96669b00b9a1f85f1a228c8a04752aeca9af28706a47c3f4b7e9aa45c1ab58c6.s2ma

Directory to place file in: 96\66\

The complete path should look like:

C:\Users\Your_Username\AppData\Local\Blizzard Entertainment\\Cache\96\66\96669b00b9a1f85f1a228c8a04752aeca9af28706a47c3f4b7e9aa45c1ab58c6.s2ma

Debug Console

Press Ctrl + F12. Only works when using the full menu hack from above!

Built in commands:

- clear : Clear the console

- dump : Dump object members

- eval : Eval an expression

- help : Display this help

- set : Set a variable

- show : Show a variable

Try 'dump _global'.

How to get the maps

Play a replay.

Go to “Documents\StarCraft II Beta\Maps\Cache”, you will see folder like “98f33a87ec8aae99177c11ee6f1e2a42ea9249f536b83859668a2cc97db228c0.s2ma”

Make a search in “C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Blizzard Entertainment\\Cache” or “C:\Users\Your_Username\AppData\Local\Blizzard Entertainment\\Cache” if you are using Win7/Vista and you should find a file with the name of the previous folder.

This is the map file(in mpq format).

Playing against AI

In progress, stay tuned. NO ETA, you will be notified ASAP when its done, stop asking please!

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