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Basics of coding AI for Starcraft 2

First, you need to setup the trigger debug console. To do this:

  • Go into variables.txt (should be in MyDocuments/Starcraft II)
  • At the end put “trigdebug=1”
  • Now start Starcraft II and set it to windowed mode.
  • Restart the game using the lazyloader and you should get a lovely debug console come up.

To use this console, “DebugAI(“hello world”)” and many other functions are avaliable. Find them in “AIMelee.galaxy”.

AISetStock (int player, int count, string aliasType);

After intensive testing, we've worked out how this function works. We believe it increases the maximum count of a unit, but with priorities. If I setstock of scvs to 10 then setstock marines to 10, it will TRY and get scvs to 10 first. If there's a bottleneck with making SCVs, or it has extra minerals it will make marines at the same time.

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